Έλεγχος νομιμότητας Ακινήτου

Our services:

  • Government Certificates that all constructions in property is legal to be used for purchase contract.
  • Ligalization of illegal constructions using law Ν4178/2013
  • Building licenses according law Ν4178/2013
  • Check the property for illegal constructions and define the penalty.

Legalize and save your villa from demolition now with the law 4178/2013

What is Property Health Check…?

It is the desk check of the documents/information relating to a property – purchase contract, building licence, site plans (topografiko, diagramma kalipsis), floor plans, photographs, map co-ordinates, last tax statement (ekkatharistiko), electricity bill etc.

Our team of experts identifies problems/potential problems (free?) and proposes solutions (chargeable).

Our group’s role is to solve property problems that appear on the real estate and usually have some or the entire group to be addressed.

So instead of turning the customer from office to office trying to coordinate all these different specialties scientists needed to find a solution to the problem, we became a team that takes care of everything.

Some common problems are:

§ Wrong cadastral mapping.

This leads to conflicts with neighboring landowners and this need to be resolved by an engineer, a lawyer and in some cases a notary.

§ Violation of the whole or a part of property by the neighbors.

According to the fact that the owners are missing many years and are unable to look after their property, the neighbors find the opportunity to extend their boundaries against of owner’s boundaries.

§ Problems of arranging illegal buildings and secondary facilities.

Until now there was a lack of following correctly the building license.

For example they had a building license of a 50 square meters building and constructed 150 square meters.
Another issue is that many buildings constructed without any building license since no one bothered the owners until now.

Additionally there were buildings with a building license that were not placed within the building boundaries so immediately they were turned to illegal.

Finally there were constructed additional warehouses, garages, swimming pools, yard walls, covered areas for barbeque etc. without knowing that a building license is needed for all these.

Since November 2011, however, the government decided to take aerial photos with great accuracy that showed all buildings across Greek territory to have it all recorded and published the Laws 4014/2013 and 4178/2013 in order to stop illegal construction and gives the opportunity to all those who have illegal constructions to legalize or arrange their property.

For those who do not comply, they will be fined with terrible fines amounting to sums:

  • 1. 30% of the value of the project for the construction and
  • 2. 5% of the value of the project for each year of existence

    For anything you want to inquire about the property we are here to direct you for free what is the correct procedure to follow.

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