What is the population of Greece?

The population of Greece is estimated to be around 11 million.

What is the language?

As you might expect the official language is Greek (Hellenic) but English, French, German and other languages are widely spoken, especially in tourist areas.

What is the religion?

The religion is Greek Orthodox. There are minorities of Catholics and Muslims.

What is the climate in Greece?

Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. Long, dry summers and mild sunny winters especially in the south, although winter can be much colder inland and in northern areas. Greece has 300 days of sunshine per year. November to March is the rainy season.

What is the political situation in Greece?

Greece became the tenth member of the EU in January 1981 and enjoys political and economic stability. Greece is a presidential parliamentary republic and uses a complex proportional representation electoral system.

Is there an ex-patriate community in Greece?

Greece has become very popular with fellow Europeans and there is a large number of Britons and other EU nationals resident in various towns of the Peloponnese as well as in Crete, Corfu and the other islands.

What is the crime rate?

Greece is generally safe and serious crime is rare.

What about healthcare in Greece?

The public health system in Greece provides free or low cost health care service to residents contributing to the social security system and their families. Private health insurance is also very common. European Union nationals can also access free health care benefits provided they have with them their E111 forms.

Is there a Land Registry system in Greece?

Greece is in the process of establishing a national Land Registry whereby official certificates and titles are issued for property thereby securing the ownership of the property by the state. Many areas already have a Land Registry while ownership of property in the remaining areas is based on a different system, that of the Registry of Mortgages which is operated by municipalities.

What is the currency used in Greece?

Greece adopted the Euro on 1st January 2002.

What is the cost/ standard of living in Greece?

Greece has one of the lowest costs of living in the EU. Athens is more expensive than the rest of the country. The general standard of living is quite high.

What is the value added tax rate?

The standard rate is 23% and there are reduced rates of 13% for food, water, services, transportation and medicines and 6.5% for books, theatre tickets and other items.

What building standards apply in Greece?

The design and construction of buildings in Greece must comply with European Regulations and Standards. Furthermore, very strict regulations exist for earthquake protection.

What is the “objective value”?

The “objective value” is the value of a property calculated on the basis of government supplied data by the public notary and the tax authority according to a specific formula and a price per sq.m. based on the location and particular characteristics of a property.

Who is the notary?

The notary is a state official in front of whom the contract deed is read and signed by both the seller and the buyer. The notary drafts the contract deed, makes sure that both the seller and the buyer understand it and verifies and registers the transaction in the public records.

What is a Power of Attorney?

It is a legal document signed by you in the presence of a public notary that gives any person you choose the authority to act on your behalf in the matter specified in the document.

Why buy in Greece?

With a natural environment and climate hard to beat, a very low crime rate, low cost of living and friendly and hospitable people it is one of the best countries in which to live. In Greece your stress levels will reduce and your enjoyment of life will increase.

What type of property ownership applies?

Most properties are owned freehold (fee simple absolute).

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