ID: Kalpaki 25,
Location: Kalpaki,
Price: 280000 €
Location: Kalpaki,
Area: m²: 170 m²,
Bathrooms: 2,
Bargains: Yes ,
Bedrooms: 3,
Price: 280000 €

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Moose Villa is designed for the life and comfort of a family, built in the Kalpaki area of the island of Zakynthos. The area of the villa is 170 m2, area of land is 500 m2. The main idea of the interior was to fill the space with natural light, create a sense of the closeness of the nature. The colors and materials for the interior have natural shades and textures. Wood, sand, stone are sources of inspiration of the designer. The villa consists of an open living room, dining area and kitchen, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a huge covered veranda. Moose Villa is an open, full of air and natural light living room with dining area and kitchen. The main accent of the interior is a large modern, stylish fireplace. It attracts the eye and creates a feeling of comfort and warm. It's a wonderful place for Christmas evenings. The dining area is represented by a large table with natural wood texture, beyond which the whole family and guests can gather. A unique kitchen design, was specially designed for Moose Villa. The kitchen and the island are made in white and gray shades: simplicity, style and comfort are its main features. The headset has a modern design and mechanisms specially designed for this space. The island is made according to the sketches of the designer. Kitchen utensils are matched to the style and colors of the interior. Two bedrooms have built-in wardrobes, which are perfectly combined with the interior. Furniture in each room is matched with the function of each space. Bedroom № 1 has modern, stylish furniture made from natural wood, which fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the house. Bathroom 1 has a large enclosed bath. In the bathroom № 2 is a shower room. In the development of this interior, great attention was paid to details. The simplicity of the lines, elegance and comfort are the main points that attention was paid to when working on space. Granite tiles in the size of 60 x 120 cm is a floor covering of the whole space. Doors made from natural materials perfectly match with the color of the walls. Curtains made of 100% linen give comfort to the interior. Shades of beige, white and gray - the main colors of the interior. A harmonious combination of which, gives a finished look to the interior.

Interior designer: Lucy Novokreshchina

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