ID: Keri 28,
Location: Keri,
Price: 1850000 €
Location: Keri,
Area: m²: 4000 m²,
Bathrooms: 3,
Swimming Pool: Yes ,
Sea view: Yes ,
Bedrooms: 3,
Price: 1850000 €

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Villa IOLI. Off-plan villa designed by an architect Lucy Lago. The area of ​​the villa is 186 m2. Villa IOLI consists by an open plan kitchen, dining and living area, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, storage and WC. The open spaces of the villa are unique charming places filled with the energy of natural materials. The villa is rounded in plan, has clean modern lines, great attention is paid to vegetation and natural materials: stone, wood, marble, linen, cotton. Villa IOLI has several wonderful outdoor recreation locations. Each has its own atmosphere and uniqueness of design. Open space is a special charm and a special vibration. Warm, muted hues allow you to fully enjoy the surrounding beauty. The climate of the island of Zakynthos allows to spend a lot of time outdoors, therefore a big number of outdoor places is a gem of this project. The patio with water area is a cozy nest, the center of which is a fireplace. Palm trees planted around create organic shadows on the floor. The atmosphere of contemplation and harmony is in the air. An incredible sense of solitude with nature is the main goal of this property. Large floor-to-ceiling windows are a showcase between the infinity of the sea and reality. The main entrance to the house is a reflection of its soul! The texture, material and height of the door are very important. The front door of the villa is a carved wooden door with metal details, it tells about the uniqueness of this house. Ethnic door doesn’t scream, it complements the entrance space. It says Welcome home! A panoramic view of the Ionian Sea and the island of Marathonisi will fill the soul with bright colors and cheerfulness for the whole day. Villa will be a perfect place for Devine life on Island of Zakynthos.
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